A Fistful of Fire (Madison Fox, #2) by Rebecca Chastain 4 Stars

Madison Fox is a newbie enforcer who defends her assigned region from evil. She may have defeated some pretty big foes in the previous book, however she’s still new, and all kinds of things she’s never seen before are popping up.

It looks like someone is trying to discredit her boss, and make him lose his territory, but who could it be? And why? With the help of a few unlikely friends, and a handbook, Madison sets out to find the rogue.

I love how the world of fighting evil is set up like a business office. With dreaded paperwork and the boss sitting in an office while his workers sit outside his office in cubes (when they’re not out fighting evil).

And poor Madison, having to take on evil at every turn means she has to keep putting off the date she’s been dreaming of with her cat’s veterinarian, the dreamy Dr. Alex Love.

The world building here is great fun, and I like that Madison doesn’t quite know what she’s doing. She’s barely been trained (no time, too much evil out there) but despite that, rarely hesitates if it means she will eradicate the evil and/or save someone, or a bunch of someones. And of course, her lack of training makes for some funny situations.

There’s quite a bit of action, right from the beginning and the story moves along quite quickly. I like Madison. She’s quirky and fun, and really wants to prove she can do some good in the world.

Definitely recommend this series, but start with book one. A Fistful of Evil.

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