Anna and the Vampire Prince (Anna Strong Chronicles, #9.5) by Jeanne C. Stein 5 Stars

Boy, have I missed Anna Strong. One of my all time favorite series. I’d been afraid there might not be anymore. This novella, which takes place right after the 9th book in the series, follows Anna to France after her mother passes away. She is there with her father and niece, to lay her mother to rest and be with her family during this difficult time. Unfortunately she gets caught up in a plot to rid the country of it’s immigrants, and the kidnapping of her niece’s best friend. She teams up once again with Vlad, and the sparks fly.

This novella could have easily spanned an entire book, and I wish it had. It was over way too soon for me. Although I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I am not blind to the fact that our country, (all Countries) are capable of the kind of plan that is laid out here in this novella. The plot (there are two of them sort of) uncovered could have easily spanned an entire book. It’s just a bit too close to home given the political unrest of late. (Donald Trump anyone? —- no, I didn’t think so).

The good news is, there will be more Anna Strong books, and right now for this reader, that is the most important thing. I greatly look forward to reading the next book in the series.

I highly recommend this series. But start with book one. The Becoming.

I also recommend you check out Jeanne’s collaboration with Samantha Sommersby – writing as S.J Harper, starting with Cursed.

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