Boundary Crossed (Boundary Magic, #1) by Melissa F. Olson 4 Stars

From the same world as the Scarlett Bernard series, Olson brings us a new character, Allison ‘Lex’ Luther. Lex has recently become a civilian after two terms with the army, and is trying to adjust to life “on the outside”. When she foils the plans of two vampires she didn’t even know existed, in the attempted kidnapping of her niece.

There is a lot of inner turmoil in Lex, as she’s dealing with PTSD from her Army days, even though she denies it, and she’s recently lost her twin sister to a serial killer. As she finds out more and more about why the vampires want her niece, one thing is clear, she has to protect her sister’s only child. Even if it means being employed for the rest of her life by vampires. Through it all she is also finding out she has her own powers, and has to quickly learn how to use them if she’s going to save her niece.

Great story and continued world building as Lex tries to find the person responsible for kidnapping her niece, and learn about things she had no idea existed until now. This was a quick and easy read, and I didn’t want to put it down. I’m looking forward to the next one in the series.

If you like the Scarlett Bernard series, you’ll like this one. If you haven’t read the others, start with Dead Spots.

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