Conduit by Angie Martin 3 Stars

Emily is a private investigator and she’s psychic, and has somehow gotten involved with a serial killer case, as part of her job. However what she isn’t telling anyone is that she hears the killer while he’s killing his victims.

I had a hard time with this one. The writing was fine, but the story could have been so much more. First of all, there were too many unrealistic and stupid choices by the main character.

If I had a serial killer psychically calling out to me, the last thing I would do is jump into bed with someone who is also psychically gifted and who stalked me in order to get to know me. She may know psychically they are not the same guy, but this guy DID access her mind, and he DID stalk her to get to know her and find out more. Instead she falls in love with him in less than a week. You’d think she’d be way more cautious and conscious of the dangers of this.

She also refuses to tell the police what is happening, even though the lead detective knows about her psychic skills and has used her in previous cases. He also happens to be someone she’s close with, like family. She probably delayed them from finding the killer, by not telling them (the police) that she was hearing something from him psychically.

There were no real secrets for the reader either. You know who the killer is, and how he has targeted Emily from the beginning. Every couple of chapters the POV changes to the killer, or the detective, and then back to Emily again. So you’re privy to everyone’s thoughts.

I kept waiting for some kind of twist. There were no surprises at all. The author told you what was going to happen and it then it pretty much did.

It was an easy read, but there were times I wanted to scream at Emily for being so stupid.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review

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