Crime Scene (Clay Edison, #1) by Jonathan Kellerman 3 Stars

Not up to par for a Kellerman.
No consequences for anyone…. not even the cop who screwed up royally. I’m disappointed in this one.

Way too much detail about the area – I know Kellerman likes to do that for his fans in California, but the descriptions went into overkill – what people wore, colors of people’s ties – even the type of haircut. I like just enough info so my imagination can take over, but this was too much.

Alex Delaware makes a cameo -(no spoiler – Kellerman talks about it in an interview) of course Alex says very little, which is definitely a Delaware trait – but it didn’t feel like he really had a role at all. (which he wasn’t meant to – but his cameo was quickly forgotten)

I like Clay – a good guy – but I think they tried to make him too much like Alex.

I love a good Kellerman book – (Faye or Jonathan) but I have read the books he’s done with his wife, and now with his son and I think they are all much better writers when they write on their own. No more collaborations as exciting as that might be for a family of writers – it just doesn’t work for me.

If you have read them by themselves – you really need to. Don’t use this as an example of their work. Jonathan Kellerman and Faye Kellerman write excellent series’ of their own that I love. So I suggest you read those as I highly recommend them.

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