Dead in the Water (Gemini, #1) by Hailey Edwards 4 Stars

I’m a big fan of Hailey Edwards’ Black Dog series, but I have to tell you. I think this one is even better.
Camille is a fae, and works for the Earthen Conclave. The same Conclave Theirry and Shaw work for. She’s also a shifter….sort of. She is pretty much at the beck and call of the Magistrate for the Seelie court, and while on an ongoing case she starts to have doubts about their intentions. In the middle of it all she meets a hot werewolf, whose sister was one of the victims in the case she is investigating. As she works toward figuring out what’s going on and why, she is having certain feelings about this werewolf and she’s not sure she likes them. She’s used to being alone and lonely, and has had her heart broken too many times, including by her parents.
I really enjoyed this book. It was kind of a new take on things and Thierry and Shaw show up part way through as Cam works this case and things crossover a bit. I found myself turning pages faster and faster last night, and staying up way later than I should have. The only issue I had with it, that kept it from being 5 stars, was that things were a bit confusing at the beginning. The author didn’t want to give any plots secrets away right off the bat, but she made references to things that made me think I had missed something. Maybe a prequel novella or something. But all was revealed (for the most part) by the end of the book, with plenty leftover for the second book.
If you liked the Black Dog series, you’ll love this one. If you haven’t read either one of them, start now!

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