Dying Breath (Dying for a Living, #6) by Kory M. Shrum 5 Stars

Once again Kory Shrum outdid herself. 

I don’t want to give too much away, but we start where we left off in the last book with Jesse trying to track down her sister and save her from her evil parents. Oh and not only does she have to save Maisie, she has to kill Caldwell and  save the entire world.  But all she really wants to do is go back to her girlfriend, curl up with her pug Winston and forget about everything. 

This time the story is told from Jesse’s and Maisie’s point of view.  I enjoyed being able to get inside Maisie’s head, to understand how she feels about everything that is going on.  She is so torn between going with her sister, or staying with her parents, even though she knows her parents are abusive and completely mad.  She loves them but doesn’t understand why since they continue to treat her like dirt and are physically abusive.

She just wants to be a normal teenager. Instead, she is scared she will die before she gets a chance to grow up, finish high school and have a boyfriend.  Jesse is determined to give her all of that, but first, they have to kill Caldwell before he destroys the whole world.

As usual, the action was non-stop and Jesse is as funny as ever, even when she’s stressed to the max.  The snark is the only way she knows how to deal with everything.

This story continues to suck me in and I can’t recommend it enough.  If you haven’t read it yet. Start with book one, Dying for a Living, which is free on Amazon right now!

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