Generation V (Generation V, #1) by M.L. Brennan 4 Stars

I’m not sure how this series passed me by originally, but I’m really glad I found it.

Fortitude Scott is a vampire, or almost a vampire. He has yet to grow into his fangs….and he honestly hopes he never does, even though it’s all inevitable. His mother is the formidable Madeline Scott and doesn’t take no for an answer when she wants Fortitude home for dinner, but when he’s not at his Mother’s house he spends his entire life pretending to be fully human. Which is all he ever wanted to begin with. Is to be normal and human, but it’s hard to pretend when he has to drink his mother’s blood monthly in order to survive right now.

It’s a gritty urban fantasy along with some really funny dialog between Fort and his best friend Suzume, a Kitsune, as they try to find a couple of missing girls. He is certain that a visiting vampire, that his mother has welcomed into her territory, has kidnapped these girls in order to try to make his own child vampire. The process is extremely difficult to perfect, and because of this difficulty, this vampire has been using and discarding young human girls until he can find one that works. You’ll be surprised to find out how vampires are born in this one, as it’s completely different than anything you’ve probably ever heard or read before.

I had a hard time putting this one down and am well into the second book of the series, which so far is even better than this one. I love Fort’s dry sense of humor and Suze’s sarcastic wit. Between the 2 of them you’ll be laughing out loud, even if the storyline is gritty and sometimes gruesome. Definitely worth reading.

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