The Undead Pool (The Hollows, #12) by Kim Harrison 5 Stars

This has to be my favorite urban fantasy series of all time. I would love to be best friends with Rachel Morgan. The story still seems fresh and new even in this one, (which is the 12th one) and also the next to last in the series, sadly.

Rachel Morgan is a witch turned day walking demon, and in this book, she’s dealing with an issue in her town that is making magic do things it shouldn’t do, (misfires, things blowing up etc) and she also has to figure out why the ever after is shrinking. The vampires are unable to help due to an evil necromancer who can summon them and make them do what he wants.

But she has backup in the form of an elf, a pixy, a living vampire and a couple of demons. I would have to say that Jenks (the pixy) and Algaliarept (a demon) are my favorite characters in this series, but all of them are written so well, that you feel like you know them. I’ve watched these characters evolve for the last 10 years, and each one is intriguing and just plain fun to read about.

Rachel and Trent are FINALLY acting on their attraction. Series fans have been waiting for that for almost the entire series. For awhile there, I was wishing it would be Ivy, but their friendship is so strong, that I don’t want to see that ruined by adding a complicated emotional relationship. Despite being strong, the friendship is complicated enough as it is, but Ivy and Jenks will always have Rachel’s back and Jenks is just laugh out loud funny, If you haven’t read this series (and I recommend that you do) start with book 1. The writing is stellar and it sucks you in. I’ve also written a review on the 8th book in the series called Black Magic Sanction here.

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