Dark Debt (Chicagoland Vampires, #11) by Chloe Neill 4 Stars

I pretty much devoured this in one sitting. I think one of the signs of a good writer and story is that after 11 books I still want to read more about Merit and her ragtag group of pretty awesome friends. She’s actually someone I could see myself being friends with.

In this one, someone from Ethan’s past shows up, which is a huge surprise because Ethan thought he was dead. Not only do they need to figure out what is going on with that, but there is a group called the Circle, that has been targeting vamps of Navarre House. Could the timing of this person showing up, and the nefarious activity from the Circle, be tied together?

Now that the GP is defunct, a new organization is handling the vampire houses, and since most things are still in a bit of chaos, it’s up to Merit and Ethan to find out what is going on, with a little help from their friends.

There was plenty of drama to keep Merit busy not to mention a little quality time with Ethan. Her sarcastic wit, and his dry sense of humor are a perfect match. She also got to spend some quality time with Mallory, her best friend, who is still trying to make amends for things she had done in the previous books. I love the relationship Merit has with her grandfather, especially since she doesn’t have a good relationship with her father.

Through it all Merit is fighting and chasing bad guys who want to take over Cadogan House. This girl can definitely kick ass!

This series is an extremely fun read and I highly recommend it.

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