Dog with a Bone (Black Dog, #1) by Hailey Edwards 3 Stars

The story centers around Theirry who, at the beginning, is taking her exam that will allow her to be come a Conclave Marshal….. if she passes. She’s half fae, half human and has some unusual powers that only one other fae has, and that’s her father, whom she has never met, but is well known throughout the conclave.

I understand this book was a prequel to the series, but couldn’t help but feel that there should have been more to this story, that somehow I started in the middle, instead of the beginning. It left me feeling a bit confused through a lot of it and is the reason why I didn’t give it 4 stars. I spent some time on-line looking for a prequel to the prequel, but didn’t find anything.

As Theirry and her partner Shaw (and incubus) handle their first case you get to see the dynamic between them, that has already been set from the time she was in the academy and he was her instructor, but that is about as much as you learn. The relationship between them is already under way. There isn’t a lot of world building here, the world is already built, which the readers don’t really get to see.

However, I thought the concept was good, and the story was action packed. It was written well, and I breezed through it. It was good enough that I will probably pick up the second one in the series to see if there is more character development and world building, and maybe a little back story, that seemed to be lacking in this one.

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