Motive (Alex Delaware, #30) by Jonathan Kellerman 4 Stars

Well Kellerman has done it again. You’d think after 30 books Alex Delaware would be boring, but he’s not. Once again I raced through the book….couldn’t wait to find out who did it. And it’s never who you think it is.

As usual Alex Delaware (a Psychiatrist) is helping his best friend Milo Sturgis (a Police Detective) in a “whodunit” regarding the death of a wealthy woman, in a parking garage, as she’s leaving her lawyer’s office. She was shot, at point blank range, and left in the garage for others to find. Nothing’s stolen, even though she was wearing enough jewelry and cash on her to make a mugger extremely happy. So who wanted her dead? Well that’s what Alex and Milo need to figure out.

This is the 30th book of the Alex Delaware series, and after reading all of them, Kellerman definitely makes you feel like you know this character, that he’s a friend even and you want him to succeed, no matter what.
The author is actually a psychologist and has modeled his character after himself a bit, at least when it comes to previous work history and the knowledge he has in the psychiatric field. His knowledge and research go a long way to making these stories believable, because you know that the author knows what he’s talking about.
If you’re from the Los Angeles area, you get treated to descriptions of the area, down to specific roads/highways, buildings and history of the city. Which I know can be a treat if you’re familiar. The descriptions of side streets and buildings can make you feel like you’re really there.

However, they can be a little bit much if you’re not from the area, so I personally tend to skim a bit on those parts since I have no frame of reference, but I’ve still spent many a night reading his books late into the night, from beginning to end, despite needing to get up early the next day. There is always some kind of twist you’re not expecting, which makes each story exciting. Even after reading 30 of them…. you never quite know what’s going to happen.

There are a few too many characters in this one, which makes it a bit confusing at times, which is why this one fell short of 5 stars, but still a very enjoyable read.

The writing is first person, from Delaware’s point of view, which really helps with making you feel like you know him. His relationship with his girlfriend, Robin, throughout the series still makes you go “aww, they’re so cute together” and of course the friendship between him and Milo is the heart of the story. The cop and the psychiatrist working hard together to bring down the scourge of Los Angeles.
The books don’t have to be read in order, since each story is a new one, however some events in Alex’s life might be mixed up a bit, but since those events aren’t really central to the story, it doesn’t effect much of anything.

If you like a good thriller, check out this series. You can pick up any of them, but if you want to start fresh, pick up When the Bough Breaks. I highly recommend it.

Side note: The author’s wife Faye Kellerman is also a writer and has penned the Peter Decker series. Also highly recommended by me.

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