Nightmare Ink (Living Ink #1) by Marcella Burnard 5 Stars

I have to say – this one surprised me. What a great concept, and unique world building.

Isa has magic, and can create Living Ink, although chooses not to do it, because it’s dangerous. Live ink is exactly what it sounds like. Whatever is tattooed on your body, is alive, and shares living space with you.

What she does do is bind ink on those who have live ink when it goes rogue and attempts to leave the body. How creepy is that? Especially for someone who has tattoos?

Someone is summoning all of the live ink off their host’s bodies, and it’s killing them and the host in the process. Isa may be one of them after a psycho kidnaps her and tattoos live ink on her, unless she can stop them.

Isa is an interesting character with an interesting back story, that slowly starts to come out throughout the book. She’s tough, and likable, and you can’t wait to see her kick some ass after what’s been done to her.

I couldn’t put this book down. It was action packed from the moment I turned the first page. There is a small love interest although it doesn’t really turn into much of anything until late in the book,

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