Poison Promise (Elemental Assassin, #11) by Jennifer Estep 3 Stars

Well, this is the 11th book in the series, and it shows. Gin is slowing down, and not quite so bad-ass. I really enjoyed this series in the beginning and couldn’t wait for the next ones to come out, however the last few books seem to be the exact same thing. Now Gin may be in line to be the next underworld leader of the city. Does that make her good or bad? This book was better than the last few books though, and brought a new player to the table, with new powers, which made things a little more interesting and gave us quite a bit more action. Beauregard Benson is a vampire and is distributing a new drug called “Burn” to the city of Ashland.

Burn has an immediate reaction and leaves the user hooked after one use. Benson also has a unique power that Gin has never seen before. But either way he’s been testing this new drug on the residents of Ashland and, as usual, it’s up to Gin to stop him before it’s too late. If he wins this battle, he would become a contender for the role of underworld leader, if not the leader outright, which is exactly what he wants. But Gin refuses to let that happen. I’m tired of the continued use of words like “baby sister” or “po po”. She continues to call Bria her baby sister, even though we all know who Bria is. (and she’s a character I don’t like very much, way too goody goody and whiny) Gin also refers to her several times as “my sister, Detective Bria Coolidge” as if we don’t know who she is. She continuously refers to herself as the ‘badass spider’ and explains over and over again, that she has to fight off people who want to kill her each and every day, especially when she takes the trash out at her “gin joint” (which also gets tiresome). It became so repetitive. Just another day in the life of Gin I guess. I like Owen, (the love interest) but there is nothing very exciting about him. There doesn’t seem to be any spark between them. He trusts that Gin can take care of herself, and she probably can, but I’d like to see him get involved a little more, and show a little more spark. I like Finn much better, and he should have been the leading man even though he and Gin are foster siblings. His quick wit, snark and total obliviousness to the eye rolling he gets is too funny, (although he was less so in this book) but he’s hooked up with Bria, so there is probably no chance of that ever happening. I want to continue reading this series, but I think some things need to be shaken up a bit. It looks like an old nemeses is in town, or a relation of her, as well as a few others she’s had to deal with in the past. I’m not sure if this will shake things up, or be a repeat of her dealings with Mab Monroe. I’m still deciding if I want to find out.

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