Revive by Tracey Martin 4 Stars

As a lover of Martin’s Misery series, I was excited to see this new series. It did not disappoint. Definitely Science Fiction, but almost somehow realistic in the sense that maybe something like this isn’t that far away, (but probably not in my lifetime).

Sophia wakes up in a train station with no memory, and spends the rest of the book trying to piece together everything she’s ever known about herself, and the people she cares about. Who is telling the truth, who is lying? and is Sophia the biggest liar of all?

A definite page turner, I finished it in less than 8 hours, and am anxious for more. The twists kept coming, as the story is told in the present day, with flashbacks, as she recovers whatever she can of her memory. The more she recovers, the more danger she’s in.

There is a love story, (possibly two) but it’s not overplayed, even though it’s how Sophia becomes who she is and decides who she wants to be.

If you like Jenna Black’s Replica series, you’ll like this one. In fact I liked this one even better. Otherwise head over to Martin’s Misery series. Either way you won’t be disappointed.

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