Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine 3 Stars

I loved Rachel Caine’s weather warden series, as well as her Morganville vampire series, but this one just didn’t really do it for me. It reminded me a bit of Karen E Olson’s Black Hat thrillers – only those are much better. The stories aren’t the same, but the strategies each character uses to hide their identity are – ( such as hiding money, changing names, using bitcoin, a hacker friend she’s never met etc. etc.) –
The story follows Gina Royal and her 2 kids after they have found out that the husband/father is a serial killer. They’ve been married for 9 years and Gina never suspected a thing. Now she and her kids are on the run to hide from the people who think she is an accessory to the crimes, (she isn’t). The crimes that were committed are quite graphic. I found myself skimming quite a bit.
I feel bad that I can’t give this more stars, because I love the other series’ she writes. I’m not sure if I will read the second in the series when it comes out. This book ended in a cliff hanger, but I’m not sure I care enough to find out what happens.

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