The Almost Sisters by Joshilyn Jackson 5 Stars

I absolutely loved this book. It broke my heart, and built it back up again piece by piece.
I couldn’t put it down. I found myself walking while reading, eating while reading, and yes, um skipping a few hours of work so I could read. (shhh don’t tell my boss).

Before I say anything else, this book is funny, and beautiful. It’s a love story in a way, but not. It’s a mystery too, and secrets abound…. and then an eye opening reveal. It’s all the things that make a great book great.
This story lays it all bare, making you realize that as a country (USA) we’re not as forward thinking as we thought, that things are happening right under our noses that we probably didn’t know about, because we’ve turned a blind eye.

There are some of of us hoping against hope that the world is changing for the better, and then there are others so firmly rooted in the past that they can’t see the damage being done to the future. Our future – as a planet.

I love when a book makes me think long past the ending and the characters won’t let me go just yet. That’s my reason for the 5 star rating…. that I’m still thinking about the book, long after it’s finished. I love that.

Go and buy this book. As you can probably tell, I highly recommend it. 🙂

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