The Witch with No Name by Kim Harrison 5 Stars

This was indeed Rachel Morgan’s ultimate adventure. The long awaited, series finale, The Witch with No Name, was everything it promised to be and then some.

Rachel has got to be one of the most well-written characters in the Urban Fantasy genre. She has grown up so much throughout the last 10 years, and we’ve grown up with her. Crying for her when things go wrong, and cheering for her when everything goes right. Reading this final book in the series was like saying goodbye to old friends – laughing and crying all the way through.

Rachel has made some incredible friendships on her journey, from just about every race on the planet. Her heart of gold has brought them all together for one final adventure.

The action leaps off the page from the beginning, for a crazy incredible ride, as Rachel tries to find a way to rejoin the undead with their souls, while saving the demons from a life stuck in the Ever After. An Ever After that is shrinking and may just wink out of existence at some point. As always Ivy and Jenks have her back, along with Trent, Al, and Bis, each providing assistance in their own unique way.

The love between Ivy and Rachel is so much more palpable than the love between Rachel and Trent, even though that love was destined from the first book. Ivy and Rachel have been through so much together and Rachel will not stop before she finds a way to save Ivy’s soul, even if means her own death.

Jenks is once again hilarious. I think he has some of the best quotes of the entire series in this one. “Well that’s about as comfortable as finding a naked fairy in your son’s bed” or “Tink’s last will and testicles! You should have been there Ivy!”

I was torn between wanting to swallow it whole, and taking my time to make it last. I put it down many times, afraid to finish it too soon, but in the end it was just too good to put down for very long. There were moments that were so intense that I wanted to cry (and did). There were moments of action where my heart beat so fast I thought it might pop out of my chest. There were moments I wanted to scream at Rachel for not trusting that Trent loved her, regardless of the fact that he could not continue his elven race with her. I wanted Rachel to realize she did deserve him, she did deserve his love, and this was her moment to show everyone. Of course that means making herself completely vulnerable and until she can admit she loves him too, she isn’t ready to do that.

Without giving anything away and, as long time readers, you probably already know this, Rachel does get her happy ending. There is no way Kim Harrison could end this beloved series any other way. Although there were so many intense, edge of your seat moments, you wished you could stand up and fight with her. But Rachel didn’t need our help, not with her tight group of friends.

It is so fitting to see her help Trent raise Ray, the beautiful little girl that Ceri so obviously named after her, along with Trent’s biological daughter Lucy. To realize that no matter what kind of family you have, 2 moms, 2 dads, or 2 elves, a witch, a vampire, a demon, and a pixy, all that matters is that you’re loved… if that’s not the perfect example of family, and the perfect backdrop to a story that took years in the making, I don’t know what is.

I am going to miss Rachel, but I look forward to rereading the series, just so I can go back and say hi to an old friend.

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