Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison

Rachel Morgan has gotten herself in trouble again… but it’s not her fault. The coven has shunned her for being a black witch, but she is only doing what she thinks is right, which usually involves saving peoples lives, including her friends. She is still Al’s (the demon) student; Pierce is still around, although this time he has a body, and a nice one at that. There is a little crush or romance going on here, but it doesn’t overshadow the story at all…. Rachel is being very cautious with her heart this time around since she is still so distraught over the loss of Kisten. She is bound and determined not to get her heart broken again.

In this installment of the latest Kim Harrison book, there is humor, edge of your seat drama, some seriously sad things, and just all around one big joy ride of entertainment. The characters are so intense and intriguing. This has to be one of my all time favorite series, and even though I’ve sworn not to buy hardcover anymore, I couldn’t resist this and didn’t even try. And was not disappointed.
Kim Harrison has a way of weaving an unbelievable story into something believable. I couldn’t put the book down. Not only is Rachel and amazingly strong character, although you can easily see her humanity and the chinks in her armor, she has the best friends in the world in Ivy, a live Vampire, and Jenks, a pixie…who would do anything for her, and have, just as Rachel would go to the ends of the earth for them. The angst and competition between Trent and Rachel is still there, stemming from childhood and it’s hard to believe they haven’t killed each other yet, but there is a respect there that will keep them playing the “I hate you” game for some time to come.

For some reason I really like Al. The demon is funny, rude, and scary…but it’s obvious he cares about Rachel in his own way, despite having no compunction about killing anyone, possibly even her some day. Rachel does spend a little too much time dwelling on things like whether she should do certain things to people who are attempting to kill her. She is trying to retain her humanity, but she really needed to be spending more time on self defense, even if it meant killing… such as a group of vicious fairies… who are a huge part of the tragedy that happens in the book that changes the lives of all 3 of them. Jenks especially.

If you have never read a Kim Harrison book, you should. I was hooked from the start… get the first one, and don’t stop until you’re done.

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