Exit Strategy by Kelley Armstrong

I  love Kelley’s Women of the Otherworld series, and was reluctant to try a book that had nothing to do with Elena, Clay or any of the other characters I was used to reading about, but I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the new characters and could hardly put the book down.

Nadia – the main character is a hitwoman….. there is some background about how she becomes a hitwoman but most of it is about her teaming up with other hitmen to find a hitman turned serial killer before he can expose them all.

I love the way she builds her characters so you can picture them, and you almost think of them as real people…she gives you just enough information to make you feel like you know them – even when a lot of the time they were in disguise pretending to be someone else.

I could feel Nadia’s rage and her anger for past wrongs that were committed and her need for revenge but at the same time there is an underlying softness to her that let’s you know that she’s only doing what she has to do and part of her enjoys it and part of her hates it but it pays the bills and gets her some closure on her past. she accepts her marks carefully and is a woman of conscience – almost reminding me of Arnold Schwarzenegger in True Lies when Jamie Lee Curtis asks if he’s killed anyone and he says in his sodium pentothal stupor “Yeah, but they were all bad”
I would recommend this book to anyone….
Don’t be afraid to read it just because it’s not paranormal – she made an excellent transition and I can’t wait for the next book.

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