Dying for a Living by Kory Shrum 5 stars

Wow! What a great, original concept. A completely new take on the supernatural.

Jesse is a Necronite, or in less technical terms, a Death Replacement Agent (basically a smart/thinking zombie, although that word is derogatory). She has the capability to die in place of someone else, and like 2% of the population she can come back to life. For 50,000 you can hire a death replacement agent and when it’s your time to die, a Necronite will die in your stead. Jesse doesn’t come away from the death unscathed though. She needs several days to recover, not to mention the more deaths she stands in for, the more likely she’ll end up in an institution. She’s seen it happen and is quite scared of the same thing happening to her, especially when she starts hallucinating.

There are also people and other organizations in the world that think this is an abomination and people should die when and the way they are supposed to. And it appears that someone is trying to get rid of all Necronites, which isn’t all that easy to do since they can “wake up” from death, but whoever it is, they are going to great lengths to see that Jesse is the next one to die and stay dead. But for what reason? That’s what she wants to find out.

So Jesse, along with Lane (her sorta boyfriend) and Ally, (her best friend and sometimes girlfriend) and a few other friends, try to figure out what is going on, and why Necornites are being targeted, all the while trying to save themselves from the same fate.

The writing is excellent and sucked me in right away. It’s very fast paced, and I finished it in less than 4 hours. I love the snarkiness of Jesse. Her constant sarcasm and comments are very funny. When you face death just about every day, how can you not be? A very fun read!

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