Sixth Grave on the Edge by Darynda Jones 4 Stars

Charley is a reaper – (as in Grim Reaper) with a heart of gold. She also happens to be in love with the son of Satan. In the 6th book of the series, Charley is finding out more about what her purpose is on this earth, and she’s learning that she’s not just a portal for the dead to reach the other side. She also happens to be a private investigator, and along with the mystery of her birth and her destiny, she works to solve certain crimes (human and supernatural) and quite often puts herself in the line of sight of those that have committed the crime which means her life (and those of her family and friends) is often being threatened. But she always seems to persevere, with help from her best friend Cookie, her PI friend Garret Swopes, and of course, her boyfriend, the son of Satan.

I really enjoy this series. Charley is extremely funny, a little immature and very snarky. Despite being a reaper, she is an angel for most and is always going to bat for the underdog. Her relationship with the son of Satan is sexy as hell, but he’s a little possessive and quite often tells her what to do, (or not to do). It bugs her, so she usually does the opposite, with funny and sometimes disastrous results. I don’t laugh out loud often, but in this series I have laughed out loud several times. It did get a little convoluted at one point when Charley is trying to solve multiple cases and I was left a bit confused, but I would definitely recommend this series if you like witty and snarky main characters, and lots of action with a supernatural back drop.

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