The Debt Collector: LIRIUM (Season One) by Susan Kaye Quinn

Just finished Season one of the Debt Collector series and I loved it. Lirium is a debt collector for the government, and he has the ability to suck the remaining life from people who can’t pay their bills,(and are possibly dying anyway) and are a drain on society, and he then gives it to others (designated by his employers) who have more potential than those he’s taking it from. He has always had a moral issue with it, however it’s his job, one he has to do whether he wants to or not. There are also mobs that kidnap debt collectors for their own use, illegally stealing lives and making them give the benefits to mob bosses and their henchmen to prolong their lives, and give them a boost (which is supposedly the best high ever) Lirium, thinking he’s just doing his job, finds out about something so corrupt, he can’t handle it, and vows to stop it. This series, was extremely hard to put down. The premise was something new, to me at least, and I found it completely by accident. Love when that happens! The world building was awesome, and I’m always impressed when an author can come up with something new and exciting to read that’s not just your typical vampire/werewolf combination. I’m anxious to find other books by her, and cannot wait for more in the debt collector series. I hear she plans to have 4 seasons eventually. Would definitely recommend reading season one if you enjoy science fiction with new twist.

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