I usually love a Kellerman book – (his and hers) but this one was way too convoluted – let’s name all the characters with the letter B so we can’t remember who is who. Brady, Brandy, Brandon, Boxer, Boch and Baccuss- come on – really? – Is that so we don’t realize that there is nothing really holding this story together? I actually had to write a list on paper – a who’s who list.
And the shout-out to Jonathan was just dumb. Especially since Alex Delaware and Milo Sturgis were actually characters consulted by Decker in a previous book. – Now all of a sudden Alex is a fictional character and Decker is told he should read the Alex Delaware books because they are so good. I am glad that Rina stayed in the background.
I love a good Kellerman book….but I was disappointed by this one.

Author: Rain Merlot

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